For those we are unable to credit during the program.


A Brief Introduction

Keith Fletcher as Alan Smithee

Jelayna Hyggen as Herself

Writer - Keith Fletcher

Director - Conor Samphire

Producer - Jessie Bigler

Director of Photography - Braden Arbour

First Assistant Camera - Emily Kiara

Second Assistant Camera - Jody Lund

First Assistant Director - Denver Johnson

Art Director - Selina Pinter

Production Designer - Jelayna Hyggen

Gaffer - Josh Willems

Grip - Nicolas Neyrinck

Editor - Jelayna Hyggen

First Assistant Editor - Jessie Bigler


Johnson's Beard Wigs

Mary Armstrong as Lead Rancher

Nick Sexton as Lead Bearded Man

Sharon Umeh as Lead Customer

Shehroze Ali as Second Rancher

Christopher Pinter as Bearded Man #1

Tom Hollis as Bearded Man #2

Josh Willems as Bearded Man #3

Lucas Dancey as Customer #1

Megan Wou as Customer #2

Selina Pinter as Customer #3

Jeremy Martin as Customer #4

Writer - Josh Willems

Director - Josh Willems

Producer - Megan Wou

Director of Photography - Conor Samphire

First Assistant Camera - Zachary LeDuke

Second Assistant Camera -  Denver Johnson

First Assistant Director - Keith Fletcher

Casting Coordinator - Josh Willems

Gaffer - Braden Arbour

Key Grip - Jeremy Martin

Grip/LX Swing - Jessie Bigler

Best Boy - Bojan Pribilic

Location Sound Mixer - Bojan Pribilic

Editor - Rachel Occleston

First Assistant Editor - Zachary LeDuke

Colourist - Daniel Rubert

Sound Editors - Braden Arbour, Jelayna Hyggen

Rerecording Mixer - Jacob Henderson



Terry Brown as French Explorer

John McMurtry as Running Man

Piper Flavel as Airplane Passenger #1

Kelly McKee as Airplane Passenger #2

Brant Schellenberg as Airplane Passenger #3

Angad Singh as Airplane Passenger #4

Writer - Garrett Dalheim

Director - Emily Kiara

Producer - Brayden McDonell

Director of Photography - Nicolas Neyrinck

First Assistant Camera - Eric Keith

Second Assistant Camera - Treton Karlsen

First Assistant Director - Garrett Dalheim

Casting Coordinator - Emily Martin

Gaffer - Jacob Henderson

Key Grip - Patrick Burns

Grip/LX Swing - Rachel Occleston

Best Boy - Daniel Rubert

Location Sound Mixer - Mathew Matiya

Editor - Jessie Bigler

First Assistant Editor - Daniel Rubert

Colourist - Rachel Occleston

Sound Editors - Braden Arbour, Jeremy Martin


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